Welcome to ShineWebDesigns.com

Hello and welcome to www.shinewebdesigns.com! Shine Web Designs is a professional designing company that serves you when it comes to web design, graphic design, video editing and much more! The best thing is that our customers' get great service, professional designs done all for an affordable price. We work with your budget. Our number one job is to satisfy YOU and we work with you until you are happy and content with the website. Another great thing about Shine Web Designs is that our customers' do not pay until they like what they see. At Shine Web Designs, we do our best to give you the best quality work possible, in fact we strive for quality. We put a 110% effort into all the projects we do. So what are you waiting for? Contact Shine Web Designs now!

How Shine Web Designs Started:

Shine Web Designs started off as a graphic designing company originating from Chandler, Arizona in 2007. We made and sold graphics to all kinds of people; Music artists, companies, and much more. However with the help of Knight47, we learned a lot about website coding and making top-notch professional websites, myspaces, youtube pages and more. After this, we decided to add that feature into our services so we can include our graphics within web pages.

Shine Web Designs provides all kinds of services and the list can be found here. We are also really good at video editing and special effects. We use sophisticaed programs such as Adobe After Effects and others to make and edit videos. Shine Web Designs can make anything from animating titles to composing tremendous highlight videos such as sports. All Shine Web Designs customers' have been satisfied and you will too.

Why Shine Web Designs?

Pick Shine Web Designs because not also do we specialize in high quality websites, graphics and video editing, but we also get to know our customers. We talk to our clients so they can get exactly what they are looking for.